To be the academic excellence in social science, works admitted to the social and to be the leader of gathering the wisdom for nation sustainable development. To be the acad


Create and Develope Knowledge in Social Science, providing public sevices. The Faculty not only form outstanding people in academic but also people who behave rationally and morally for community. Faculty of Social Science manages its resources efficeintly, joins in the community development and responsible to society to serve an important instrument in ensuring the well being and security to the country.


  • Strategic 1 Creating academic opportunity and life long learning in social science
  • Strategic 2 Enhancing quality and standard of education in social science
  • Strategic 3 Developing nation’s capabiity by using social science knowledge base
  • Strategic 4 Developing education in social science for nation stability
  • Strategic 5 Improving management system
  • Strategic 6 Supporting research and distributing knowledge in social science