Faculty of Social Sciences provides education to enhance human's personal growth and social developement by offering various curriculums in the Degrees of Arts and Sciences.

Undergraduate Degree

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers seven undergraduate programs (4 Years) as the following

  1. Bachelor of Science (Psychology) : B.S.(Psychology) 4 Majors (Regular&Special Program)
    • Devolopemental Psychology
    • Devolopemental Psychology
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Community Psychology
    • Industrail and Organization Psychology
  2. Bachelor of Laws : LL.B. (Regular&Special Program)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (History) : B.A. (History)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies) : B.A. (Southeast Asian Studies) (Special Program Only)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Geography) : B.S.(Geography) (Regular&Special Program)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) : B.A. (Political Science) 5 Majors (Regular&Special Program)
    • Goverment
    • International Relation
    • Public Administration
    • Criminal Justice and Safety
    • Local Mangement
  7. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Anthropology) : B.A. (Sociology and Anthropology)

* Regular Program : Instructor in office hours.
* Specail Program : Instructor outside of office hours


Admission into Kasetsart University is mainly under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education (Office of the Higher Education Commission). A nationwide entrance examination for all applicants who are high school graduates is conducted twich a year. Kasetsart university also arranges its own entrance examination to admit a quota of students residing in the twenty five provinces of the central region of the country.

Graduate Degree

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers nine graduate degree programs (2 Years) as the following

  1. Master of Science (Community Psychology) : M.S. (Community Psychology) (Regular&Special Program)
  2. Master of Science (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) : M.S. (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) (Regular&Special Program)
  3. Master of Science (Human Settlement Planning Geography) : M.S. (Human Settlement Planning Geography)
  4. Master of Arts (History) : M.A. (History)
  5. Master of Arts (Political Science) : M.A. (Political Science) 4 Majors (Regular&Special Program)
    • Government
    • Criminal Justice and Safety
    • Public Administration
    • International Relation
  6. Master of Arts (Applied Sociology) : M.A. (Applied Sociology)
  7. Master of Arts (Developement Social Sciences) : M.A. (Developement Social Sciences) (Regular&Special Program)
  8. Master of Arts (Conflict Management) : M.A. (Conflict Management) (Special Program Only)
  9. Master of Arts (Social Developement and Administration) : M.A. (Social Developement and Administration) (Regular&Special Program)


Student in Regular Program examinations by the Graduate School.
Student in Special Program examinations by the Department.

Doctoral Degree

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers one doctoral degree program (5 Years) as the following

  1. Doctor of Philosophy ( Social Sciences ): Ph.D.(Social Sciences)

Academic Calendar

First Semester June - October
Second Semester November - March
Summer Semester April - May