The Faculty of Social Sciences was estabished in 1974. Prior to its inauguration, a few selectd courses in Social Sciences wereoffered by faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In 1966, Kasetsart University set up the Faculty of Sciences and Arts within the department of social sciences and humanities was one among other departments. The first batch of students were admitted to undergradute program in 1967 through a nationwide entrance examination. The department of social sciences and humianities was upgraded and name the Faculty of Social Sciences which is the 10th faculty of Kasetsart University

Academic Departments

The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises of 6 departments and 1 office , namely:

  1. Department of Geography
  2. Department of History
  3. Department of Laws
  4. Department of Political Science and Public Administration
  5. Department of Psychology
  6. Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  7. Office of the Secretarial